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Consultations on the development of the website


with CMS 1C-Bitrix

1C-Bitrix is a powerful and convenient CMS (Content Management System). It is used for development and support of corporate websites, e-commerce projects, blogs etc.

Why is Bitrix so popular? There are few reasons:

  • Safety.

    In our opinion, safety must be the highest priority in the process of web-development. The better a site (especially online shop) is protected, the more it is trusted by customers. If site is broken and some data is lost or stolen by hackers, it may cause irrecoverable reputation damage for the company.
  • Reliability.

    Websites based on 1C-Bitrix work reliably under high load. Even under the highest traffic your site will always be online – thus, your business won’t stop operating even for a moment.
  • Compatibility with “1C: Company”.

    Bitrix is easily compatible with 1C accounting system. Thus, you can publish catalogs and price lists on your site and see actual stock data on your website just in few clicks – so the website becomes the part of your company, not a third-party system.
  • Analytics.

    Is website successful? Can it generate more profit? Is it convenient for customer? Your profit directly depends on the answers for those questions. Due to wide analytics functionality you can define strengths and weaknesses of the site, fix the defects found and increase conversions and profitability.
  • Popularity.

    1C-Bitrix is widely popular so you won’t have to worry about switching development team. Having ordered development of the website on Bitrix, you’re not tied to the same team forever.
  • Constant improvement.

    Every six months new updates for 1C-Bitrix are issued. They are free and can be installed automatically.
  • Flexibility.

    Bitrix is suitable for blog, corporate website or big online shop – the system is flexible and allows creating different projects without developing additional functionality.
  • Prestige.

    Having a website under CMS 1C-Bitrix is not simply smart and profitable – it’s prestigious.

1C-Bitrix also has some disadvantages:

  • It is paid – you have to purchase license to use it. Although if you need an individual design you’ll have to pay for the full development process.
  • As Bitrix is powerful CMS, it requires a lot of server capacity to work smoothly. Thus, a powerful hosting is required.

Our services

Foxima web studio offers website development on 1C-Bitrix CMS. We offer the full development cycle – projecting and developing website, setting up hosting, SEO optimization and promotion for your website. We develop projects of any complexity and transfer existing websites to 1C-Bitrix.

You will receive custom product designed specially for you as we are focused on your requirements and specifics of your business.

We are honest with our clients. We don’t say that web-development is easy, quick and cheap. We also admit that your site won’t be profitable right after launch. Moreover, your site needs technical support and constant updates – this is the only way of being competitive. In fact, your website is a part of your business, and it needs growth just the same as the rest of the company.

We guarantee that your project will be implemented properly, within a reasonable time and for the reasonable price. The best proof of our words is our portfolio.

This is how your website will be developed:

  • On the first meeting with the manager you describe the aims of creating the website, required functionality and specifics of your business.
  • Based on your brief, we calculate approximate budget.
  • If you are OK with the budget, we analyze you competitors’ sites. It helps to find the ways of getting competitive advantages.
  • We create project structure and detailed technical specification.
  • We develop design of your site and present it to you to get it approved. Once design is approved, you cannot change it as our programmers start working.
  • Based on design, we create static webpages in HTML format.
  • We integrate static pages to CMS and implement the functionality required.
  • We fill the site with information given by client.
  • The website is tested so that we can find and fix bugs.
  • Finally, the site is launched.
  • After the launch, we conduct technical support and promotion.

When is using of 1C-Bitrix suitable?

Using 1C-Bitrix is suitable for blogs, corporate websites, online shops – in other words, the projects supported by CMS’s default functionality. In case the customer needs some functionality which is not supported by the system, we recommend to develop individual solution in Go programming language.