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Online store on Bitrix

Online shop development with 1C-Bitrix CMS

E-commerce is getting more popular every day. Of course, it is too early to say that it is going to replace traditional offline commerce, but it is obvious that selling goods online is independent and effective channel of sales. That’s why it is recommended to consider creating an online shop as a possible way of growing your business.

The first stage of creating an online shop is selecting CMS for it. Making a decision to choose certain CMS, you should think about functionality your online shop must have – personal section for a customer, discount system, gifts for customers etc. In most cases functionality of 1C-Bitrix CMS is enough for all the requirements of online shop.

What are the features of 1C-Bitrix for online shops?

  • Publish thousands of goods on your website.
  • Import data about the goods from CSV file. No need to create the page for every single product separately – just upload the file and get everything done in one click!
  • If you use 1C:Company accounting system, you can integrate your website and accounting. Thus, you will see actual information about price and quantity of goods on your website, and actual orders in the accounting system. Your online shop will be the part of the company, not a third-party system.
  • 1C-Bitrix allows exporting information about the goods to Yandex.Market.
  • You can change the price of delivery depending on the customer’s location.
  • Create flexible discount system and easily manage it.
  • Accept payments by any method: credit card, e-currency, bank transfers etc.
  • Customer can easily purchase the goods thanks to step-by-step order system.
  • Cart module allows adding unlimited quantity of goods. Later customer can see detailed info about his order and delete unnecessary goods if needed.
  • Every registered customer receives access to his personal section of the site, where he can see his balance within the store.
  • Ability of granting different rights for different customers makes you sure that every manager is doing right what you expect him to do.
  • Detailed statistics allows to analyze how successful your online shop is, find its strengths and weaknesses and make forecasts for future.

We will develop really effective online shop for you.

Foxima web-studio has great experience of developing online stores. With our help you will get not just a beautiful website but effective and profitable online store.

We will create simple but effective structure of the site. Thus, it will be very easy for a client to make a purchase. Moreover, correct structure of the site is the key of its quick and full indexation by search engines.

We will also consult you about filling the site with content.

1C-Bitrix is resistant to high traffic and nicely protected. That means you won’t lose a client due to your site being down or hacked. Your online store will work for you 24/7. No exceptions.

You can create an online store using “Small business” or “Business” edition of 1C-Bitrix. Call us, and we will consult you about the right edition for your project.