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Individual solutions development on Golang

The first thing to do in the process of developing website is to choose the platform it will be running on. The important characteristics of the project, such as its productivity, flexibility, load capacity, speed and costs of development depend on the project’s platform. One of the options is to create self-written CMS using Go programming language.

When does one need an individual solution?

Of course, modern Content Management Systems (like 1C-Bitrix, WordPress, Kirby etc) have wide range of opportunities for creating corporate websites, blogs, online shops, landing pages and other standard projects. But it is quite difficult to create something custom with them – in most cases it requires modification of system’s core to implement custom functionality. Unfortunately, it negatively affects the stability of the system and may cause unpredictable errors. Moreover, any update may remove all the custom code and additional time will be required to modify the product again. So we recommend developing individual solutions for complex and non-standard projects.

What are the advantages of individual solution?

  • Focus on specific objectives.

    Developers of any CMS try to create as universal product as possible. Their aim is to create the product suitable almost all purposes. Thus, these products have many modules that remain unused forever. Individual solution is based on your project’s specific, so it won’t have anything redundant inside.
  • Usability.

    We develop your website’s functionality basing on your business specifics ad your requirements – so the interface will be simple and comfortable.
  • Flexibility.

    On your demand we can quickly equip your website with any custom functionality – integrate it with third-party system’s API, set up parsing of the sites you’re interested in, configure data encryption etc. As the system is under our full control, we can guarantee that it will work properly even after updates.
  • Economy.

    Properly developed, optimized and tested project needs less server resources – so you save the money on hosting.

About Go programming language

Most of our individual solutions are developed in Go programming language (also known as Golang). This is quite new language (about 7 years old) developed by Google. Despite the fact it is the new language, its popularity is quickly growing due to Go’s simplicity, flexibility and wide range of opportunities. In addition, Go is being constantly updated and gains new advantages. It also has a strong community which is the reason Go has a lot of third-party libraries.

It is more difficult to create web applications with Go than with other languages (e.g. PHP, JavaScript, Node.js etc). Then why are we using it? The reason is in Go’s unique advantages.

The main advantages of Golang:

  • It is compiled, not interpreted.

    That’s why your whole project can consist of a single binary file - very convenient for a quick launch. Compilation also allows finding a lot of bugs even before the launch – while in PHP you’ll have to debug when the project is already running.
  • Speed.

    Actually, it’s another advantage of compilation. Golang programs are running dozens of times faster than ones made with PHP and other interpreted languages.
  • Parallelism.

    Golang is great at parallel computing thanks to so called routines. This allows creating high-load systems using minimal server capacity.

Of course, Golang is not perfect. As any other programming language, it has both advantages and disadvantages. Probably the main problem of Go for now is its low popularity. But this problem will disappear with the time passing by. So looking at Go’s benefits we are proud to present our great individual products made in it.